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Catalogue of the San Marino coins, with history, images, and characteristics of the lira and euro.

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According to tradition, in early 4th century Marino, a stonecutter from Dalmatia engaged in construction of the Rimini port, took refuge on Mt. Titano to protect himself from the Diocleziano persecution against the Christians. By the mid-5th century, a community was formed. Because of its relatively inaccessible location and its poverty, it has succeeded in maintaining its independence. To protect the community against the Saracens and Normans, in the X century three strongholds were built. The three towers in laurel and oak branches are in the coat of arms of the republic born in 1253.
In 1631 its independence was recognized by the papacy. Italy and San Marino signed a treaty of friendship and economic cooperation in 1862, revised in 1939 and 1971. San Marino became a member of the United Nations in 1992.

According to the Monetary Agreement with the Kingdom of Italy, the San Marino Republic's coins are minted in Italy since March 22nd 1862. The first coin minted in Milan was the 5 cents in bronze. In 1898 the first 5 lire silver coins was minted and in 1925 the 10 and 20 lire gold coins were minted. The minting was suspended from 1939 to 1972 with the exception of coins in gold minted in Rome; the coins minted from 1862 to 1939 are named "old coinage.
In 1972 resumed the ordinary coinage (named "new coinage") and in 1974 San Marino minted the first gold coins with the value expressed in scudos.
Even if the Republic of San Marino do not belong to the European Economic and Monetary Union, this state (like Monaco and the Vatican City) has been granted the right to mint euro coins, by virtue of the monetary agreements with Italy. In 2002 only 2 euro, 1 euro, 50 cents and 20 cents were stroked for the circulation, even if the eight coins euro set is available for the numismatic collectors.

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