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Catalogue of the coins of the Kingdom of Italy, the colonies, the Republic, and the euro.

1861 - 1943
1946 - 2001
2002 - ...
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The coinage in use in the Kingdom of Italy was strictly related to the French decimal one introduced by Napoleon on 1803. The currency  adopted was the Italian Lira with a value corresponding to the value of 4,5 g of silver or 0,29 g of gold. The Lira was part of the Latin Monetary Union among France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and Greece, an organization founded on 1865 to defend the value of the various currencies of the five countries and to simplify the international exchanges; the Latin Monetary Union was ended on 1926.

Italian mints since 1861

city closing mark
Bologna 1861 B
Florence 1861 F
Naples 1870 N
Turin 1870 U or eagle head
Venice 1870 V
Genoa 1875 CL or anchor
Milan 1892 M
Rome active R

According to the Italy-San Marino convention, the coins of the San Marino Republic are minted in Rome since 22 March 1862. The minting was suspended from 1939 to 1972.

According to the Lateran Treaty (11 February 1929), in Rome are minted also the coins of the Vatican City.


Ac acmonital: Italian monetary steel Cu copper
Ag silver Cn cupronichel: copper and nichel alloy
Au gold It italma: magnesium, aluminum and manganese alloy
Ba bronzital: bronze Ni nichel

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