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European coins and coins in lira and euro of Italy, San Marino and Vatican.



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il Marengo presents my coin collection for the period of the decimal lira in Italy, Vatican City and San Marino Republic and its evolution to the Euro. To complete the information of the euro coins, a catalogue of the other currency in Europe is included. Information on other monetary systems such as franc, peso, escudo, and Roman coins are published in different web sites.

The Italian catalog begins with the decimal coins of the Italian Kingdom, containing the coinage of Victor Emmanuel II (1861 - 1878), Humbert I (1878 - 1900), and Victor Emmanuel III (1900 - 1943), included the coins for the Italian colonies in Somaliland, Eritrea and Albania. The Italian Republic coins are grouped in a lira catalog (1946 - 2001) and Euro.

The decimal coins of the Vatican City are listed according the popes who ruled this state: Pius XI (1929 - 1938), Pius XII (1939 - 1958), John XXIII (1958 - 1962), Paul VI  (1963 - 1978), John Paul I (1878), John Paul II (1979-2005), and Benedict XVI. A special section is dedicated to the Vatican euro coins.

Finally, San Marino coins are organized in an Old coinage catalogue (1864-1938), New coinage catalogue (1972-2001), and Euro coins.