Coins of Pope Paul VI

Paul VI

Giovanni Battista Montini was born in 1897 in Concesio, near Brescia, into the family of an editor. He was ordained in 1920, and in 1922 he entered the Vatican secretariat of state. After 1944, when Pius XII closed the secretary of state, Montini reported directly to the Pope. In 1954-63 he was archbishop of Milan, and he showed particular concern with social problems. He was created a cardinal in 1958.

Elected pope in June, 1963, as successor of John XXIII, he continued the reforms of his predecessor, reconvening the Second Vatican Council and supervising the carrying out of many of its reforms. He visited several countries and in 1965 he addressed the United Nations. He met with the leaders of other churches and in 1969 addressed the World Council of Churches.

He died in 1978 and was succeeded by John Paul I.

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