Euro of Cyprus

Catalog of Cypriot coins in euro

Cyprus joined the European Union on May 1, 2004 and the European Monetary Union on January 1, 2008. The euro replaced the Cyprus pound (CYP) with an exchange rate of 1 euro = 0.585274 CYP.

The pictures on the national sides of the euro coins in Cyprus have been defined with a competition held in 2005. The Central Bank of Cyprus also instructed the designers Erik Maell (US) and Tatiana Soteropoulosdalla (Greek) to realize the final drawings of euro coins of Cyprus, while the minting of coins, as happened in the case of Greece, took place in the Finnish Mint Vantaa, as shown by the letter F appears in the coins. Although the competition required to include in the design of the coins the name of Cyprus in Greek (ΚΥΠΡΟΣ), Turkish (KIBRIS) and English (CYPRUS), English is not present in the final coins.

The images used for the national sides are:

  • 1 euro cent, 2 euro cents, 5 cents of euro: a mouflon;
  • 10 euro cents, 20 euro cents, 50 euro cents: reconstruction of a ship of the fourth century BC from a relic kept in the museum of Kyrenia;
  • 1 euro, 2 euro: the Idol of Pomos, sculpture prehistoric cruciform of Chalcolithic period (XXX century BC) found near Pomos and displayed in the National Museum of Nicosia.

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Obverse Reverse
1 cent
16,25 mm
2,30 g
steel, copper
1 Cyprus euro cent
2 cents
18,75 mm
3,06 g
steel, copper
2 Cyprus euro cents
5 cents
21,25 mm
3,92 g
steel, copper
5 Cyprus euro cents
10 cents
19,75 mm
4,10 g
Nordic gold
10 Cyprus euro cents
20 cent
22,25 mm
5,74 g
Nordic gold
20 Cyprus euro cents
50 cents
24,25 mm
7,80 g
Nordic gold
50 Cyprus euro cents
1 euro
23,25 mm
7,50 g
nickel, brass, copper
1 euro Cipro
2 euro
25,75 mm
8,50 g
nickel, brass, copper
2 euro Cipro

2 euro commemorative coins

10th anniversary of Economic and Monetary Union
2 euro Cyprus 2009
Ten years of the Euro
2 euro Cyprus 2012
30th Anniversary of the Flag of Europe
2 euro Cyprus 2015
Paphos, European Capital of Culture
2 euro Cyprus 2017
30 years since the foundation of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics
2 euro Cyprus 2020
35 years of the Erasmus programme
2 euro Cyprus 2022
The 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Central Bank of Cyprus
2 euro Cyprus 2023